Daily travel news for 2021-11-30: Canada barring unvaxxed travellers, Omicron’s impact and Listing travel restrictions

    • This is the day that unvaccinated travellers will be barred from planes and trains in Canada.… https://t.co/eu9F1kzAWp
    • South Africa feels it’s being singled out because it reported the latest COVID-19 variant, but with countries like Japan and Israel barring everybody, it’s looking like everyone’s going to be impacted… https://t.co/pVW3B1oj0a
    • Canada adds India’s Covaxin to its list of approved vaccines for travellers entering the country.… https://t.co/qiF7iOtz0t
    • Instead of #travel bans, we should work on getting the rest of the world vaccinated against COVID, suggest these scientists… https://t.co/4w8Lyfdrgj


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