Daily travel news for 2021-11-25: EU requiring boosters, Guilt-free flying and James Bond’s poor travel hygeine

    • Considering the surge in COVID cases in Europe, it’s no surprise that the EU now says that #travel between states should be contingent on people having a third booster shot against the virus… https://t.co/6lhjzkEL0U
    • By today’s emission standards, the aviation industry will generate 21.2 *gigatons* of carbon over the next three decades meaning it will be a while before we can fly guilt-free… https://t.co/hFBPZn8KwS
    • Is donating COVID vaccines the new tree planting for companies looking to be more socially responsible?… https://t.co/IUUDD6juie
    • Thanks to this headline, today I learned that people from Nunavut are called Nunavummiut. https://t.co/U9VsL8bAsA

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