Daily travel news for 2021-11-23: Air Transat interlining, Disney or a real vacation and Lufthansa’s mystery flights

    • With ‘connectair by Air Transat’, the tour operator becomes the first Canadian #airline to offer a virtual interlining service… https://t.co/mlWVAy0mNq
    • Lufthansa is now offering ‘mystery flights’ where you book a trip without knowing your final destination.… https://t.co/CVh4kuahWk
    • Under some legal pressure to do so, Marriott will now more prominently disclose its resort fees.… https://t.co/QsoDRYtMHe
    • Hotels are trying to be more green, but guests’ behaviour is proving to be a challenge. For example, they like to leave their room air conditioning on all day… https://t.co/0bmvwEANkk


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