Daily travel news for 2021-11-22: Making tourism sustainable, Fear of pandemic travel and Making booster shots mandatory

    • This is an interesting analysis of how Canadians’ perception of the risk of #travel during the pandemic have been shaped by the media and by government messaging… https://t.co/3v63hgwhP7
    • Many countries welcome fully-vaccinated travellers, but could fully-vaccinated soon mean three doses instead of two? https://t.co/XpkiGsd32A
    • Why on Earth would you need to change the toilet roll when you stay at a #hotel? Is it because it might have germs? Wash your hands!… https://t.co/MesqRxwsKu
    • These 6 countries are putting restrictions on travellers who haven’t received a third booster shot against the coronavirus… https://t.co/RmATj7po8H


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