Daily travel news for 2021-10-26: America’s new entry rules, Disneyland’s annual price hike and Farting while flying

    • This story about America’s new entry requirements states that they could encourage more Americans to get vaccinated, but if two thirds of them don’t have passports, how will it make much of a difference?… https://t.co/Qpaq0yiZyl
    • In what’s becoming an annual tradition, Disneyland is raising its ticket prices. A one-day pass will now cost an eye-watering US$164 per person… https://t.co/3Hdrz3G5JE
    • I should be more excited that Canada has finally lifted its blanket #travel advisory related to COVID-19, but find myself strangely indifferent… https://t.co/5Qn3P73Hcg


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