Daily travel news for 2021-10-15: Verifying vaccination status, First-class on Ryanair and Favourite German towns

    • The Canadian government might hand responsibility for verifying passengers’ vaccination status to #airport officers instead of airlines… https://t.co/4kGfAXh13g
    • Ryanair is a notoriously cheap #airline and you get what you pay for so this #travel expert chose to pay for every add-on to turn it into a “first-class” experience… https://t.co/0qFXYK7SUy
    • Just looking at this Balenciaga #travel pillow that sells for $650 and it is indistinguishable from the $4 one I bought at Dollarama… https://t.co/RwvrkY7U9z
    • As this #travel writer gently reminds us, take your family road trips when you can, because the day will come that your kids won’t want to travel with you anymore… https://t.co/RVBfz4ZSug
    • It’s nice that some billionaires are launching themselves and their friends into the cosmos, but maybe saving the planet should come first, says Prince William… https://t.co/mYgQSfAEku


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