Daily travel news for 2021-10-12: Yet more hotel brands, Some personal recognition and Bhutan’s one tourist

    • It’s a good thing hotel chains have been using this downtime creatively because it feels like there aren’t enough hotel brands to choose from… https://t.co/hnHvSGZXuj
    • I was chuffed to hear this morning that the team at Canadian Geographic chose my little ‘Going to Klondyke’ story to be included in their best of 2021 edition… https://t.co/Avx85mMjnk
    • Bhutan has allowed just one single tourist to enter the country since the pandemic began. This is her story.… https://t.co/6QiZwwtev7
    • Just because an #airport has a city’s name in it doesn’t mean it’s actually very close to that city, as this list so plainly demonstrates… https://t.co/uWKzY0zcAh
    • Environmental arguments about switching from planes to trains miss the point – we ought to be travelling less, posits this opinion piece… https://t.co/dIf7z5kVon
    • Alaska Airlines unveiled yesterday a plane with a special livery celebrating the inaugural season of the NHL’s newest team, the Seattle Kraken… https://t.co/XkBe47tPjV

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