Daily travel news for 2021-10-11: Canada’s mixed doses, KLM’s Delft houses and US to accept travellers with WHO-approved vaccines

    • Canada’s Health Minister would not reveal whether the U.S. is open to recognizing COVID-19 vaccine dose mixing, while still reminding people they shouldn’t be travelling if it isn’t necessary… https://t.co/DMjEq8EfXA
    • I wish I can say I’ve been lucky enough to fly with KLM on one of their birthday flights to receive a collectible Delft houses, but I have only flown economy with them… https://t.co/ed8ET2eIFI
    • Now that the U.S. has said it will accept international travellers inoculated with WHO-approved COVID-19 vaccines, where does that leave Canadians with mixed vaccine doses?… https://t.co/SgN4EYIkmI


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