Daily travel news for 2021-08-24: Banning cloth masks, Time Square’s Ferris wheel and Curbing overtourism

    • Has the giant Ferris wheel trend peaked now that New York’s Times Square is getting one? https://t.co/hx5vfUsthV
    • For cities around the world, the pandemic has seen them emptied of tourists, now some in Europe want to make sure they don’t came in as big numbers as before… https://t.co/8d9KTlODMB
    • In case you miss shopping at the #airport, Toronto’s Pearson has opened an online shop for you to buy your watches and perfume… https://t.co/1yCik1dP3L
    • Austria and Croatia are now setting vaccine ‘expiry dates’ for arriving travellers, insisting you must have been jabbed in the past eight months… https://t.co/0HX5VyI48x


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