Daily travel news for 2021-08-19: Plan your holiday travel now, Magic-mushroom retreats and Polar airship tours

    • Despite its outsize carbon footprint, business #travel has been seen as a socially acceptable form of pollution. That’s going to change. https://t.co/8fKJAhX3xb
    • As COVID continues to curb visits to see #Africa‘s iconic wildlife, now is the time to move away from western-led funding models to protect its conservation areas… https://t.co/nd17Sf4gpL
    • Looks like the U.S. is going to extend its border restrictions with Canada for another 30 days due to rising COVID numbers… https://t.co/mYlqzP120f
    • Trip insurance used to be an afterthought for most travellers, but the pandemic has changed that.… https://t.co/dGgBNjflSh

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