Daily travel news for 2021-08-16: Marketing vaccines, The Delta surge and St. Vincent’s new entry protocol

    • Tourism Australia’s latest marketing campaign isn’t about #travel — it’s about getting vaccinated, because, ultimately, that’s what will let us travel again… https://t.co/vjzQFYuIp0
    • Should you cancel #travel plans during the Delta surge? A medical expert weighs in and most of her answers seem to be, use your own judgement, something that most of us aren’t actually very good at… https://t.co/YkxWEPCB5K
    • Looking at the protocol for fully-vaccinated travellers to enter St. Vincent and it’s not clear if @discoversvg will welcome Canadians with mixed vaccines… https://t.co/S5RUDcLkws
    • Some people are giving up flying because of climate change while others argue it only accounts for 2% of global emissions even though 80% of the world’s population never actually flies… https://t.co/cRTWDOaP96
    • You can spend a night the cabin of #Norway‘s notorious Nazi collaborator Quisling cabin and it’s a lot more mundane than you’d imagine… https://t.co/eA92ufMd6K


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