Daily travel news for 2021-08-09: Virgin Galactic price rise, Travel bans for climate change and Rediscovering train travel

    • So much for space tourism becoming affordable. Virgin Galactic has reopened ticket sales and the price is stratospheric… https://t.co/h7l38RYiuC
    • If you spend enough time in airports, the day, or rather the night, will come that you have to sleep in one. Here are helpful tips on how to do it safely… https://t.co/vuRzi50Ge4
    • So on the same day that it re-opened the border to vaccinated Americans, Canada is extending its restrictions on direct flights from India. Sounds logical… https://t.co/zvCZkUXAPM
    • I wholeheartedly agree with this take that we should stop referring to those pop-up selfie locations as “museums” … https://t.co/04d7i5PaQx
    • Construction on an Indonesian tourism project dubbed “Jurassic Park” will continue despite UNESCO warnings of the harm it will cause… https://t.co/PVFQ5ROrzR

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