Daily travel news for 2021-07-28: Unvaccinated Kuwaitis can’t travel, Adirondacks and the origins of the vacation and Be a better hotel guest

    • Never mind quarantines when you return home from a trip, Kuwait is simply banning its unvaccinated citizens from travelling… https://t.co/KyIOjt9yJz
    • Read about how the #Adirondacks became the birthplace of the U.S. vacation and how it continues to draw visitors, including a new trail that links NYC with Canada… https://t.co/N8CGziLQwZ
    • Chances are the jerkholes who need to be better #hotel guests won’t read this story on how to be a better hotel guests… https://t.co/DC3Nzy14J8
    • A Toronto tech company plans on moving its head office to a different international destination each quarter. Fortunately, most of its employees are under 30 and this is seen as a perk… https://t.co/6LH68btvCr

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