Daily travel news for 2021-07-12: Unlimited vacation time is a scam, Using travel pillows correctly and Driving to Ontario’s northernmost point

    • Some companies are dangling the perk of unlimited time off, but without clear guidance on what’s acceptable, most won’t take as much time off as they should for fear of looking lazy or cheating the system… https://t.co/9n5lLxirRS
    • Apparently, many people don’t know how to properly use a #travel pillow, judging from the success of this TikTok viral video… https://t.co/BsAQ6PSz2Q
    • This adventurous roadtripper drove his car to ‘the end of the road’ in order too reach the northernmost point accessible by car in Ontario… https://t.co/UVWDrZZB5Y
    • With Sir Richard Branson playing Gagarin to Jeff Bezo’s Shepard, the space tourism era has officially begun… https://t.co/xoGmZXJ5S7

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