Daily travel news for 2021-06-07: Cruise ship protest, Stealing Sardinian sand and Glass-bottom pools

    • Interesting to see that there first cruise ship to return to Venice since they pandemic began was greeted by protesters. The shape of things to come?… https://t.co/wMf5omEKjJ
    • Tourists to Sardinia learned the hard way that you don’t take home sand and shells from its beaches.… https://t.co/62kyNBkKSs
    • The former CEO of Spirit Airlines outlines four reasons why he believes we’re seeing an increase in violent in-flight… https://t.co/cpz97CEp2b
    • Air Canada’ senior executives have said they will now voluntarily return their millions in 2020 bonuses due to “public disappointment.” Don’t worry, the trough will be there next year. https://t.co/2vGO4lMGqo


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