Daily travel news for 2021-05-31: No more in-flight booze, Container resort and Atlas Obscura’s history problem

    • I guess the advantage of building a seaside resort from old shipping containers, like this one in Vietnam, is that it can be moved to anyplace… https://t.co/C4JYGoI2sk
    • Just about every Canadian Prairie town has an Asian restaurant. These are the stories of some of the people who run them… https://t.co/iOsFAjMdX2
    • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Monday that while many Canadians and Americans are eager to see the border reopen, it won’t be done hastily… https://t.co/h1Hx6L2I0y
    • Surprise! Air Canada got bailout cash from the government while laying of thousands, but somehow was still able to pay its executives millions in bonuses… https://t.co/sopTHCoCEs


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