Daily travel news for 2021-05-12: Canada’s travel summer, Skipping quarantine hotels and Transat’s extended suspension

    • With the current rate of COVID vaccinations, it’s looking like Canadians may be able to #travel this summer, at least domestically… https://t.co/775SA9kQrR
    • Why have almost a third of international air travellers to Canada been allowed to skip stays in a quarantine hotel?… https://t.co/WYMUX5slMV
    • Transat is extending the suspension of its flights until July 29 due to the ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic and the associated travel restrictions… https://t.co/pZYiC1FlJz
    • Disease specialists are calling on the Canadian government to create a comprehensive quarantine and screening system for international travellers… https://t.co/74vGEGs1WD
    • Travelling while living with a disability is not an impossible task, as this blogger proves.… https://t.co/fdY8pe3SXC
    • European tourism is coming back. If you’re considering a trip there, here are COVID testing and quarantine requirements for each country… https://t.co/iG2PaNupdS

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