Daily travel news for 2021-05-07: Repeat travellers, Post-COVID weddings and Travel will be different

    • Are you the sort of traveller who visits the same places again and again? Here’s the psychology behind it.… https://t.co/yPqLAJ68sb
    • Brace yourself for the deluge of post-Covid wedding invitations, especially of the destination variety. Here’s how to decline them… https://t.co/XsOb6TquQb
    • While there appears to be great #travel demand in the highly-vaccinated U.S., half of Americans said they still weren’t going to travel internationally… https://t.co/7Ms80AR80O
    • You know how the pandemic is pushing housing prices to extremes? It’s probably going to do the same thing to travel prices… https://t.co/WvEKqLcpZb

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