Daily travel news for 2021-05-03: EU to welcome vaccinated visitors, Not so fast and Travel now, pay later

    • The EU’s executive branch laid out plans for welcoming back leisure and business travellers in time for the summer, as long as they are vaccinated against COVID… https://t.co/CyoQ1fQDX7
    • With more people having one vaccination dose in Canada, demand for #travel is growing, but health experts say we should slow down… https://t.co/05nNycdDhE
    • We can laugh about the child who got swept away by an #airport baggage system because he ended up getting out safely, but imagine what was going through the minds of the parents?… https://t.co/PAGmwzCBRB
    • The latest data shows that more than 5,000 people tested positive for COVID-19 after flying back to Canada since mandatory hotel quarantines began which is about 1.5% of all travellers… https://t.co/dZWQiO3kTd
    • Here’s a somewhat alarming story about how rising sea levels are threatening the future of the 300-year-old French fortress of Louisbourg in Nova Scotia… https://t.co/jl0SMST00F
    • Health Minister Patty Hajdu said  that Canada embraces the concept of “vaccine passports.” https://t.co/oBDlRMPGch
    • Want to avoid hotel quarantine when entering Canada? Show up with a positive COVID-19 test result and you can isolate anywhere you want… https://t.co/NZYFZhqET1


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