Daily travel news for 2021-04-29: Hotel prices rising, Ethics of pandemic travel and The high cost of a Disney visit

    • Hotel and resort rates remain lower than a year ago, but are rising with the increased interest in #travel among Americans… https://t.co/EdG2QJbAMu
    • This story breaks down the average amount a family of 4 will spend on a typical Disney World trip. It’s a mind-blowing amount… https://t.co/px3cyA7eEq
    • A new study found that filling a plane from back to front extends the close contact time between passengers, increasing the risk of COVID infections… https://t.co/OCpNlSo6WL
    • When this comedian bought a seat that would get him a little more leg room on his Qantas flight, he was a bit surprised to see it cost him $1 billion… https://t.co/4gOKFpWHFA

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