Daily travel news for 2021-04-28: U-Hauls as rental cars, Norway of Arabia and Kashmir houseboats in winter

    • While the U-Haul trucks are usually used for moving, tourists in #Hawaii are now renting them because rental car price have risen so much… https://t.co/eiZhKspgkW
    • Staying on a houseboat in Kashmir is a popular tourist activity, but doing it during one of the coldest winters in recent memory is not… https://t.co/hI1vQshjwE
    • Just for the record, throwing coins in to your plane’s engine for “good luck” is *not* a good idea.… https://t.co/huKT5PMgNI
    • Got 💰 to throw away? Louis Vuitton offers a plane-shaped handbag that costs a cool $50K. https://t.co/7Tijyk16o4
    • Hilton #hotels in the UK have introduced a menu for their doggie guests. It is appropriately called “Bone” Appétit”.… https://t.co/4sPKzgFvdM
    • If you’ve got an interest in the prehistoric monuments of #Ireland, and if even if you don’t, the website Voices from the Dawn is worth a visit… https://t.co/bWh73uitP0

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