Daily travel news for 2021-04-19: Launching attractions now, National Park Week and The disparity in Covid test costs

    • It can’t be easy to launch a new tourist attraction during a pandemic, but these Canadian entrepreneurs are hoping for the best… https://t.co/PdjE0QvZpY
    • Travellers have discovered that the prices for Covid tests range from cheap to exorbitant. A Skytrax survey found they were cheapest in India and most expensive in Japan… https://t.co/C2m371b0D6
    • #Quebec‘s Public Health Director said the provincial government is studying the idea of limiting flights from places like B.C., and even internationally, to limit the spread of coronavirus variants… https://t.co/rxc7RknV4e
    • In 30 years, you might be able to take a holiday on the moon or even Mars, predicts this story which reads a lot like ones I read in the 70s that said have said the same thing… https://t.co/XhWb5CWH3v


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