Daily travel news for 2021-04-12: Porter restarting in June, Airplane cabin concepts and Surviving hotel quarantine

    • Porter Airlines says it will resume flying on June 21, pushing back from the May 19 restart date it had originally chosen… https://t.co/lhNKqNXLkD
    • Entrants to this design contest have reimagined what airplane cabins could be, but my guess is that none of them will ever become reality… https://t.co/mNW0hkS5rt
    • I wonder why no one seeks advice from imprisoned convicts for advice on how to survive a hotel quarantine.… https://t.co/Hq6zd7Ocw8
    • The TSA will now let you bring your full-size sunscreen bottle onboard a plane in your carry-on as it’s classified as a medical item… https://t.co/tNYFMBx7Lr
    • For those of you wondering if masks on airplanes will be forever, keep in mind that we’re still removing our shoes 20 years after the ‘shoe bomber’ was caught… https://t.co/4mMaIOIUNO
    • The latest from the CBC is that Ottawa is giving Air Canada loans in exchange for refunds to customers who had their travels cut short by the pandemic… https://t.co/gKI0BNMSMo


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