Daily travel links for 2021-02-16: Bourdain’s travel memoir, The Queen Mary’s fate and Cathay’s first-class mask exception

    • Anthony Bourdain’s long-time assistant has finished the late chef’s unfinished #travel memoir which is to be published in the spring… https://t.co/CDGVw5ywXK
    • The company operating the fading Queen Mary in California has filed for bankruptcy. “There are more pyramids you can visit today than there are original, preserved ocean liners,” said one maritime historian, worried about the ship’s fate. https://t.co/dcg6mPziRK
    • Passengers flying in first and business class on Cathay can remove their masks when they’re lying down in their lie-down beds… https://t.co/Q0DckRKd9r
    • I’ve never read a book by award-winning author Geoff Dyer, but if this dull essay on what he considers to be the perfect trip is any indication, I might not want to… https://t.co/w6roP73VZq


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