Daily travel links for 2021-02-09: Fake COVID certificates, Quarantine-free entry and Yard-i Gras!

    • This account of fake Covid-19 test certificates tells you that there needs to be a better way.… https://t.co/J7kUl0LcUM
    • Greece and Israel will be among the first countries to confirm quarantine-free entry for vaccinated tourists.… https://t.co/VAwatPxwQw
    • With Mardi Gras parades on pause in New Orleans, residents are decorating their homes like floats. It’s Yard-i Gras… https://t.co/uhx6OmOmPE
    • It seems that the Mexican state of Quintana Roo is suffering a surge in COVID cases after domestic and international tourists visited in great numbers over the holidays… https://t.co/wZv9aBrsxc
    • One of the greatest pleasures of #travel is not the trip itself, but the anticipation. With the end of the pandemic distantly in sight, some people are getting that feeling back… https://t.co/RAzHq0ioyB
    • I’ve always been fascinated by the beacons and concrete arrows used by in the early days of flight to get airmail across the U.S.… https://t.co/Uq0yYPi82r


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