Daily travel links for 2021-01-04: Rewarding travellers, the Pope’s opinion and ending toxic travel

    • Ottawa is studying a loophole that rewards returning vacationers who have to miss work due to the country’s quarantine rules… https://t.co/MmopdSQmNe
    • If you’re not going to heed health authorities warning about non-essential #travel during the #pandemic, how about a higher authority. The Pope isn’t amused by your vacation travelling during the pandemic… https://t.co/KxtyxZngru
    • This essay exhorts us to work toward the end of ‘toxic’ #travel and the start of ‘slow’ travel. It’s a nice sentiment, but why do I think that it will be business as usual once the pandemic ends?… https://t.co/xs78qt5CgV
    • #Travel news you need to know, there are new pressed penny machines for 2021 at Disneyworld and, yes, I have a collection of pressed pennies in my possession… https://t.co/9SXLjotRpU

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