Daily travel links for 2020-11-26: Canada can’t stop travellers, the year’s best travel books and roadblocks for Hawaii’s testing plan

    • Canada advises its citizens to avoid #travel, but can’t stop them from leaving the country because it’s unconstitutional… https://t.co/QANYXtjFVX
    • Thanksgiving notwithstanding, most people aren’t travelling so this list of the 10 best #travel #books of the year might offer some vicarious thrills… https://t.co/LUOrJKaSnv
    • #Hawaii‘s pre-travel covid testing plan has taken a hit as #Kauai says it wants out of the program and CVS, who are administering many of the tests, can’t keep up… https://t.co/QuF6E2UOP6
    • Germany wants the EU to make a deal to close European ski resorts for at least the next month to help slow the coronavirus pandemic in the places where it first spread early in the year… https://t.co/QMHkkSE5I5

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