Daily travel links for 2020-10-22: Contrarian COVID worries, a promising travel app and travelling south this winter

    • People are worried about getting sick when they #travel on a plane during the #pandemic, where the risk is low, then drop their guard when they get to their destination, where the risk is higher… https://t.co/wTMAkXS8qi
    • Can this #app help save the #travel industry? Betteridge’s Law of Headlines states that any headline that ends with a question mark can be answered with a ‘no.’… https://t.co/ej4i3wqn7m
    • I grew up on Atari video games, so I am intrigued that the first Atari hotel is opening in Las #Vegas, but don’t really get the brand connection… https://t.co/wZg1GvVrhH


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