Daily travel links for 2020-09-04: Most Americans skipped summer holidays, taking responsibility and waiting for a vaccine

    • According to one survey, 72% of Americans didn’t take a summer vacation this year. How many skip it in a normal year?… https://t.co/ovI4kaGw8o
    • When vacations go wrong, it’s usually the traveller’s fault, but we usually blame the hotel, airline,  travel agent, but never ourselves… https://t.co/HGNbYNCm21
    • The CEO of Booking Holdings says people will feel safe to #travel again once a vaccine appears. What happens if none is ever found?… https://t.co/RvT79VgfR2
    • The Dominican Republic wants to attract tourists by offering free insurance and the elimination of mandatory COVID-19 testing… https://t.co/FqQ8tFZt5L


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