Daily travel links for 2020-07-10: A new airline out of Quebec, staying home this year and T+L reader awards

    • Just reading now about OWG, a new Quebec #airline that will be flying to sun destinations. Seems like an odd time time to be launching a new air carrier… https://t.co/PbcOHf6QO9
    • If you live in the United States, perhaps the idea of a summer road trip isn’t so great after all. With no sign of the pandemic slowing, USA Today makes the case of staying home this year… https://t.co/Ipob1OsLhe
    • Travel+Leisure is getting a lot of mileage out of its readers’ choice awards as everyone and their mother trumpets winning first place. What I want to know is how can you vote for the best hotel, tropical island, tourist attraction unless you’ve been to them all. Perhaps the wording should be ‘favourite’ instead of ‘best’… https://t.co/JAoETCYmxf
    • The Norwegian #cruise line Hurtigruten is returning, but its ships won’t be stopping at any ports of call for the forseeable future… https://t.co/PsgVh7qkwj
    • #Airline passengers are finding ‘creative ways’ to remove #masks, says an American pilot. Judging from the amount of people I see wearing them as hats or chin warmers ,I’m not surprised… https://t.co/8JdkRH1qzv
      • Some health experts in the U.S. worry that summer road trips could help spread #coronavirus and are recommending that if you do travel, then self-isolate when you get home… https://t.co/Qx2bDsfl9f
    • You read the stories about the travellers stuck on tropical islands or luxury yachts because of the #pandemic lockdown, but what about this guy who was stuck in an airport for more than 100 days… https://t.co/FqeOjg2MX5\
    • This poll finds that 86% of Canadians want the border with the U.S. to stay closed because of the #pandemic, but only 36% of Americans agree… https://t.co/tYUIxykEmA

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