Daily travel links for 2020-06-26: Air Canada seat sale, safe road trips, useless travel insurance

    • Not many people are flying right now so Air Canada’s big seat sale features flights for next year.… https://t.co/KAhkTn2jDK
    • Many British Columbians are planning summer road trips, but they likely won’t be of the Jack Kerouac variety.… https://t.co/H7b3NUjntb
    • Are you paying for #travel insurance even though you can’t go to the United States? Some consumers want their money back… https://t.co/z99qNeUeAp
    • The CEO of Kayak says interest in holiday #travel is even higher than last year, but the fine print is he’s talking about site visitors and not actual bookings… https://t.co/Pqj2Y1alw6
    • Talk about a fear-mongering tabloid headline: “Hotel warning: Guests urged to prepare for ‘starving and aggressive’ bedbugs… https://t.co/BzPUIitR68
    • This story says that a 40-year study reveals that people who take three weeks of vacation reach year have “lower rates of death”  https://t.co/1ijOI6NH3f
    • I like that Air Canada is offering entertainment content to Aeroplan members that they can stream at home for free… https://t.co/S9zDYyVTea
    • This report forecasts that road trips will make up 97% of all #travel in the US this summer, but cautions that the total number will be lower than last year… https://t.co/tmLF6GSNjh

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