Daily travel links for 2020-01-28: Coronavirus hurting Asian tourism, beating the system and the stresses of #vanlife

    • “This is the year to explore these six often-overlooked destinations in Utah” is a story I wrote for a Visit the United States that appeared in the National Post… https://t.co/aUg6HitvGP
    • “Monterey County: world-class experiences await on California’s central coast” is another story I wrote for that Visit the USA section… https://t.co/SGzmgFR33m
    • “Louisiana: an authentic and unique blend of experiences and tastes” is a third story I wrote for the National Post… https://t.co/B85BnT0lcI
    • “Missouri: A welcoming destination steeped in Americana.” Yes, it’s another story I wrote for Visit the USA.… https://t.co/EpoyH05UJz
    • Last one! “Punta Gorda/Englewood Beach promises a vacation that will make the most of Florida’s great outdoors” is the final story I wrote for Visit the USA… https://t.co/hdmZyeS4Pw


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