Daily travel links for 2019-11-25: Better compensation, staying comfortable and the scam of carbon offsetting

    • If your flight to Europe is delayed or cancelled, Canadians may be better off seeking compensation under EU passenger rights rules… https://t.co/DPnwJzgz3s
    • It’s nice that some #airlines are carbon offsetting their flights, but if you ask some climate scientists, they say it’s baloney… https://t.co/93wLE3cykd
    • This @CNNTravel story says that thousands have stopped flying because of climate change. To put that into context, 4.6 billion will fly this year… https://t.co/OKSEr1WPFr
    • Former U.S. President Barack Obama is no stranger to fancy #hotel rooms, but admits that he likes the simplicity of Hampton Suites… https://t.co/r5L0K28nbB


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