Daily travel links for 2019-07-29: Packing medicines, cruise ship brawl and strange bedfellows

    • How can you not click on this headline? “Passenger dressed as a clown causes mass brawl on cruise ship, witnesses say” https://t.co/MnNTeq1fva
    • After two strangers missed a flight, they were asked to share a hotel room with one bed. Yes, they were on an Air Canada… https://t.co/8UNJnUVZBG
    • A widow tells the touching story of how she took her daughter on a road trip after her husband was killed.… https://t.co/1C1X0x5hJP
    • Here’s an ode to one traveller’s matchbook collection that rekindles fond memories of trips gone by. https://t.co/nXolJh8uqt


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