Daily travel links for 2019-05-14: Digital nomads, booze-free bars and United’s Spider-Man video

    • Just wondering if the term “digital nomad” is going to sound as outdated in the future as hippie does today.… https://t.co/RssW45IMtf
    • Since comic-book culture is our dominant form of entertainment these days,, United now has a Spider-Man safety video… https://t.co/jx8VYtOznM
    • Headline is “One Third of Americans Find Destination Weddings Selfish.” Why not “Two Thirds of Americans Don’t Find Destination Weddings Selfish?” https://t.co/ndeDJ85uaL
    • From David Hasselhoff shrines to museums of dark magic, these are #Europe‘s most underrated attractions, or possibly the weirdest ones… https://t.co/u0zVuW3Z7O


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