Daily travel links for 2019-03-25: Nanaimo bars, America by train and the perils of geotagging

    • Geotagging your social media photos is harmful to animals and the natural areas they live in.… https://t.co/3Stk70Zj9I
    • British Airways’s newest flight is also its shortest at just a shade under 87 kilometres long.… https://t.co/EZbYjmWzMl
    • I’m heading back to L.A. for a visit this summer so am taking notes on how how to see the City of Angels for free.… https://t.co/VJDXF6u80u
    • #Norway‘s medieval pilgrim trail has a much lower profile than the Camino Santiago which is good thing for people who crave solitude… https://t.co/AaZpoc6itA


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