Daily travel links for 2019-03-11: Vacation dangers, Africa’s Instagrammers and New European entry rules

    • Understand these dangerous tricks that a “tourist brain” can play at the beach when you are on vacation.… https://t.co/2PtQdVdNm4
    • Beginning in 2021, Canadians, Americans and the citizens of 58 other countries will need to register before they can visit… https://t.co/tuS80zBqNi
    • I am skeptical that an #airline that’s offering travellers free miles if they skip the inflight meal is doing it for environmental reasons… https://t.co/zdaCMQPwg8
    • United flight attendants have been given the green light to be more jocular with their intercom announcements. https://t.co/jP0DGAhKsK


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