Daily travel links for 2019-02-25: Overtourism taxes, hidden city crackdown and photo gear tips

    • #Airlines suing people for using ‘Hidden city’ tickets is only drawing more attention to the practice that saves travellers money… https://t.co/ZiGJeANFQK
    • Try these 9 essential tips to help you get better sleep on a plane, something I am personally incapable of doing… https://t.co/3D9DmUQvP9
    • It’s only February and we already have someone who’s likely won 2019’s Worst Airline Passenger of the Year Award.… https://t.co/8VYtTkXy0T
    • Could your smartphone be at risk when using a public USB charger in places like the airport?… https://t.co/tB76rd8LE4


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