Daily travel links for 2019-01-18: AeroMexico’s DNA ad, cruise ban for jumping and halal tourism

    • Prepare for a flood of Instagram photos of this Turkish resort town now that it has been given a rainbow makeover.… https://t.co/k3OPbB4F0C
    • This new city break service that brings members to surprise destinations sounds like a lot of fun.… https://t.co/nj6hnoL35A
    • If North Korea is on your bucket list, you’ll be glad to hear that they are opening a huge beach resort later this year… https://t.co/HZIvpThQbd
    • Even more #tourists behaving badly: New Zealand is obsessed with a rowdy tourist family that is carving a trail of destruction across the country… https://t.co/SVnMp1IJBg

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