Daily travel links for 2018-11-28: No flying for a year, mispelled names and 8 am around the world

    • Could you live without flying for a year? These Swedish women want people to give up flying for 12 months to help cut emissions… https://t.co/QcPzp2ZYZA
    • Expedia told a customer he’d lose his $1,500 flight because he misspelled the name on the ticket.… https://t.co/oWI5j5wkMS
    • Enjoy this arbitrary list of what are supposed to be the world’s 7 most walkable cities.  https://t.co/TeeoFBPUk7
    • A survey from a European regional #airline says that short breaks are better than long holidays and it’s not because you have to buy more flights that way… https://t.co/nCaUCGzGy7


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