Daily travel links for 2018-10-15: Roatan’s plastic crisis, a well-travelled baby and wi-fi security

    • This Canadian baby will visit all 50 U.S. states before she’s six months old. Dang! I’m still stuck on 40!… https://t.co/A6zNUj2KgT
    • If you’re like most travellers, you don’t worry about wifi security, but you really should.  https://t.co/b4uZ14dFgY
    • Enjoy someone’s reminiscence of a chance encounter with Anthony Bourdain in a New York bar. https://t.co/xH6QBXsFj7
    • Flight attendants confess things like sex on planes and watered-down drinks in a new survey.… https://t.co/GxLxwgzK8E


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