Daily travel links for 2018-08-27: Jet lag exercises, comfy shoes and Trans-Siberian in winter

    • Delta offers these workout exercises to help you reduce the effects of jet lag once you land.… https://t.co/wycgexTbgv
    • The closest thing to dining on the #Titanic is to have a meal in the dining room of her sister ship Olympic which has been preserved in an English hotel… https://t.co/rDHrc5fVsh
    • I’ve seen a lot of lighthouses in my travels, but these are some of the most amazing ones you’ll find anywhere.… https://t.co/AGACB0GaAt
    • Looks like Time magazine is getting in on the “best places to #travel” game with its list of the world’s 100 greatest places to visit in 2018… https://t.co/wyXV0wwYOW
    • Losing your phone while #travelling can be a nightmare. Here’s how those of you who don’t remember what it’s like to travel without one to cope with the situation… https://t.co/2lmFz2qEXM
    • The world’s most beautiful places are being loved to death. #Tourists ought to think hard about why and how they are visiting the world’s popular places… https://t.co/0EkCrSbHKS


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