Daily travel links for 2018-07-17: Skytrax airline awards, Cuba for women and Changi’s layover changes

    • Skytrax has handed out its awards for the world’s best #airlines for 2018. In the top 10, 7 are from Asia, 2 from the Middle East and one from Europe… https://t.co/uBET3gymsQ
    • Americans fail to identify the US on a map (or name a single country) in “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” clip. Of course, those who got them right we’re edited out of the clip… https://t.co/8sSj4m6Wjz
    • Airline passengers are split about mobile phone use on airplanes: many Westerners want the down time, but Asians want to stay connected… https://t.co/3grJWe8d1U


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