Daily travel links for 2018-03-21: TripAdvisor’s top destinations, solo female travel and questioning turtle hatcheries

    • Responsible Travel raises questions about sea #turtle hatcheries that cater to tourists. Many do it responsibly, but some don’t… https://t.co/2QhJxCaEKV
    • Seniors are embracing adventure #travel like never before or, more accurately, once an adventure traveller, always an adventure traveller… https://t.co/R1GXhezEeo
    • There are lots of toys-travelling-the-world pages on Instagram, but The Wandering Astronaut is kind of refreshing.… https://t.co/HMgtiX83w3
    • Like road trips, but hate traffic? Here are America’s least-travelled routes. No guarantees on how scenic they are.… https://t.co/IEWo4O2ZzY


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