Daily travel links for 2017-11-08: Cuba restrictions, Anguilla voluntourism and Venice cruise ban

    • Has the internet killed the joy of discovery? I’d say yes, but there’s nothing stopping you from not using it when you travel. https://t.co/mcbb6IDbiQ
    • Did you visit Hong Kong this year? If so, then you had a lot of company because it was the most visited city in the world this year. https://t.co/cO8Cy7556J
    • Opportunities to visit North Korea will be even more difficult now that China is set to strangle #tourism to the Hermit Kingdom… https://t.co/jyDXYxLMCp
    • The Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington is a powerful place that is worth visiting, but did you know there’s a reproduction in Florida?https://t.co/uGydSMrhJG

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