Daily travel links for 2017-09-12: Comparing economy seats, conquistador statues and bad English

    • After Civil War statues start coming down, will statues to Spanish conquistadors be the next to fall? https://t.co/askW9tgrX3
    • Lots of moaning about Canadians stranded across the Caribbean after Irma. Not sure why it’s Ottawa’s problem.… https://t.co/nqCITOhryr
    • The collection of antiquated technology in The Media Archaeology Lab in Boulder, CO looks a lot like my basement.… https://t.co/K3VcI1mOTV
    • Don’t want to pay for bottled water in your #hotel room? Get ice from the machine and heat it with the hair dryer!… https://t.co/DOPJYOF7e0
    • If you want to relax on your next trip, these are allegedly the least stressful cities in the world.… https://t.co/eHK24C5XRQ


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