Daily travel links for 2015-11-17: Helping Paris, airline tattoos and ignoring terrorism

  • The best thing #travellers can do to help #Paris is to keep visiting Paris and not be scared away. https://t.co/m4STEoursO #travel ->
  • I liked this video about the man with the #airline #tattoos. It's a nice story of childhood #travel #nostalgia. https://t.co/bKNmSuiguo ->
  • #TTOT A1. Terrorist attacks are random events. If you fear dying while travelling, it's more important to use your seatbelt in the car. ->
  • #TTOT A2. If you're country hasn't closed its embassy to save money, then you can always turn to them for help during an emergency. ->
  • #TTOT A3. Social media's role in an emergency is to communicate with family at home and get help from people on the ground. ->
  • #TTOT A4. This is pretty much the same as the first question. Don't let terrorists cancel your travel plans. That's what they want you to do ->
  • #TTOT A5. I don't mind more security as long as it's done effectively. Too much of it can be theatre to look like they're doing something. ->

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