Change your travel life by using packing cubes

If you haven’t yet discovered the beauty of travelling with packing cubes, then you’re missing out. I used to dismiss them as frivolous extras, but started using them a few years ago and will never go back.

With packing cubes, you can keep all of your stuff organized which makes it easy to find things without having to unpack and repack your luggage every time you want something.

You can also use them to keep dirty clothes separate from clean clothes, keeping them fresher longer.

Another advantage is that you can pack things into them more tightly, making it possible to cram more into your bag which is especially advantageous if you’re travelling with carry-on only. 

Here are some packing cubes that I like:


Bagsmart Packing Cubes

Bagsmart packing cubesThis six-piece set of hard-sided packing cubes are surrounded by sturdy wire frames that help them hold their shape while you pack your clothes which makes packing easier. There are large, medium and small cubes in the set which let configure the cubes to fit your weekender bag and backpack or even use them for storage at home.

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Itzy Ritzy Packing Cubes

Itzy Ritzy packing cubesA lot of packing cubes are kind of boring, but this set from Itzy Ritzy comes in a variety of colourful designs to better reflect your personal style. A mesh top panel makes it easy to view contents and identify what is in each cube and their built-in handles simplify how you organize them in your bag, luggage or purse.

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Eagle Creek Half-Cube Packing Set

Eagle Creek packing cubesI’m a fan of Eagle Creek and use one of their backpacks as my go-to bag when I fly which is why I like these packing cubes. Eagle Creek products are rugged which is why these packing cubes come with a lifetime warranty. These are half-cubes, so they are smaller than some of the other cubes listed above, but that makes them handy for smaller bags, like backpacks or carry-ons. 

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