General Travel Quiz #1: Test your travel knowledge

How good are you at travel trivia? Here are 10 questions for you to try. There’s nothing too hard here that any experienced traveller wouldn’t know. If you find them too easy, then don’t worry because we promise that subsequent versions will get even harder!

Welcome to your Travel Quiz #1

What is the largest country in the world?
What is the longest river in the world?
What is the oldest country in Europe?
Not including enclaves and exclaves, which two nations share the shortest international border?
Which country has the world's largest population?
Which country uses the lek as its currency?
Jambo is "hello" in which language?
Abidjan is the capital of which country?
FAT is the IATA airport code for which American city?
Which of these countries does not share a border with France?

Flags of the World Quiz #11: Know your United States

The United States is made up of 50 states and each has its own flag. Many of them are easy to identify simply because the state’s name is written upon them, either on a coat of arms or in some other inscription.

How familiar are you with the other flags that aren’t so easily identifiable? Here are 10 state flags for you to identify. Can you get all 10?

Welcome to your Flags of the World Quiz #11

Which flag is this?
Which flag is this?
Which flag is this?
Which flag is this?
Which flag is this?
Which flag is this?
Which flag is this?
Which flag is this?
Which flag is this?
Which flag is this?

This northern nation has more islands than any other

An island in Sweden

If you didn’t know which country had the most islands in the world, you’d think it might be some place huge like Russia or Canada or an archipelago nation like Indonesia or Philippines, but you’d be wrong. It’s actually one of the Nordic nations, Sweden.

According to, Sweden has a staggering 221,800 islands larger than 25 square metres in size about 1,000 of which are inhabited. Fourteen of those islands make up the country’s capital, Stockholm.

The Eiffel Tower is beautiful, but I wouldn’t want to paint it

The Eiffel Tower gets a new paint job on average of every 7 years and it takes 25 painters applying 60 tonnes of paint by hand to cover 250,000 square metres of the Paris landmark’s surface.

Painting the iron surface of the tower is vital to protect it from rust, pollution and pigeon droppings. The job takes about 18 months and costs as much as four million euros.

Over its history, the tower has changed colour several times. It started as red-brown then changd to yellow-ochre and chestnut brown before settling in to the bronze colour we know today.

Find out more on the Eiffel Tower’s official website.

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One country has a third of the world’s airports

The country with the most airports in the world, more than 33 per cent of the global total, is the United States.

As of 2017, the U.S. boasted 14,263 airports, 5,104 which were public airports.

The countries with the next largest number of airports are Brazil and Mexico with 4,093 and 1,714 airports respectively.