Photos: Zesty views of Zimbabwe

zimbabwe flag

In honour of Zimbabwe’s national day on which it declared independence from the U.K. in 1980, having formerly done the same in 1965 as Rhodesia, here are some photos of the African country that will make you wish you were there:

Photos: Lyrical views of Lesotho

Today marks Independence Day in Lesotho, the tiny, land-locked African country that is a rare example of an enclave, that is to say a nation who’s entire border lies within another nation, in this case, South Africa.

On this date in 1966, the country broke away from the United Kingdom and has been charting its course ever since. It doesn’t get much in the way of foreign visitors, but those who do go there get to appreciate some spectacular sites like the ones you can see here:

Photos: Captivating images of Cape Verde

In case you missed it, yesterday was Cape Verde’s National Day.  I’m not exactly sure what the significance is of this specific date for the residents of the Portuguese-speaking island nation but it’s certainly an excuse to show off some gorgeous photos of this sun-soaked region in west Africa that could be one of the world’s most underrated travel destinations.

Photos: Killer images of Kazakhstan

If all you know about Kazakhstan comes from the Borat movie, then you’ve got a lot to learn about the world’s largest landlocked country. August 30 marks Constitution Day in the country. To honour that date, here is a selection of photos that give you a glimpse of this vast Central Asian nation:

Photos: Inspiring views of Indonesia

Tomorrow, August 17, is the date that marks The Proclamation of Indonesian Independence which marked the start of the Indonesian National Revolution, fighting against Dutch rule until the acknowledged their former colony’s independence in 1949.

In honour of that day, here are some photos of this amazing Asian country that has long been a favourite with travellers. Home to the world’s largest population of Muslims, Indonesia is renowned for its hospitality and the many islands of the archipelago nation are so unique from each other that you could spend a lifetime trying to experience them all.